Partnering with Sodexo enables our clients to focus on their core mission, education, as we focus on improving the Quality of Life of your students, staff and community by providing holistic well-being solutions.

Facility Management

Reduce costs, balance budgets and ensure the stability of your community.

Today’s economic environment is challenging educational systems like never before. Often educators and administrators struggle to provide quality educational experiences to students due to budgetary challenges they face trying to maintain, let alone improve, the physical environment. We understand the importance of balancing these dynamics, and utilize all of our highly specialized technical skills to find ways to control and reduce costs, without any reduction in service or quality to your faculty, staff and students.

Integrated facilities management provides for the overall health of your institution, promoting safe operations, asset management and quality appearance. Our engineers, managers and staff are equipped with cutting-edge task-management technology to schedule, prioritize and execute preventive maintenance. Some of the most costly and untimely expenditures are emergency repair and replacement of capital equipment. Our maintenance priorities extend the life of capital assets, such as HVAC, engines and power plants, and can forecast replacement requirements to incorporate into the budget instead of breaking it.

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Surveys and audits of facilities and energy usage, conducted by qualified engineers demonstrate where money can be saved through efficiency, technology and layout. Assessment of roofing, plumbing and power supply is all a part of bundled services to bring your facility to peak operational effectiveness.

Our landscaping and custodial services keep the grounds—no matter how extensive or complex—in tip-top shape, ensuring year-round healthy, beautiful condition. Your students will be safe from dangerous pests, environmental hazards, and seasonal dangers such as snow and ice. Thanks to our commitment to sustainability, the generations that follow will enjoy the same benefits your students receive today, and more.

Do teachers teach the same way they did 5 or 10 years ago? No they do not. Because schools know how important professional career development is for educators. Ongoing education and training provides them with cutting edge knowledge and resources to grow and develop their skillsets and as a result, improve the level of academic success. At Sodexo we take the same approach with our managers, engineers and hourly staff, thus allowing them to bring cutting edge knowledge and resources to your district to enhance the learning environment and provide a foundation that allows teachers and students to excel.  

Your school can also be on-track for national recognition with LEED certification or best-in-class sustainability initiatives. A partnership with Sodexo means you have the best in the industry working with you to improve your facilities today, and provide for a better tomorrow.

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