Partnering with Sodexo enables our clients to focus on their core mission, education, as we focus on improving the Quality of Life of your students, staff and community by providing holistic well-being solutions.

Food & Nutrition

Citrus FruitNutrition does not nourish when food is not consumed. Guidelines and regulations may be well intended, but without a comprehensive approach to nutrition that engages students, a nutrition program cannot deliver the desired results of providing a strong and sustainable foundation - a foundation where students are primed to perform at or beyond their potential.
We engage students by evolving the school nutrition program to be an extension of the classroom. Nutrition effects student behavior and achievement and requires engagement with employees, the school system and your community. This is how we help you develop sustainable behaviors that your children can carry with them well into their future. 

At Sodexo we make awareness a priority every day through events and innovative programming, including Chef Remmi, a nationally-known chef who is still a young student herself. Her television show is a favorite of students who are inspired by her teaching and humor. Striving to bring interactive learning, we sponsor student cooking challenges around the country, and have set up numerous school gardens that offer hands-on experiences and educational opportunities to learn about agriculture and food origins.

When you gather top chefs from the best culinary schools and restaurants around the world, you can expect great things. That’s exactly what Sodexo provides. Our world-class teams of chefs, partnered with our registered dietitians create meals that not only meet, but exceed USDA standards. Dedicated to creating striking dining experiences for all students, we cater to the needs of individuals with dietary restrictions and allergies so they never feel singled out or burdensome. You can be confident that students requiring gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free or any of the common allergies and sensitivities, are safe and will receive optimal nutritional values every day.

Our menus are developed to please the most stubborn palates, with recipes from local tastes to international cuisine. Your students learn about flavor, nutrition and diversity. 

We are also committed to stopping hunger in its tracks, in your schools and your communities. With programs like Breakfast in the Classroom, Afterschool Meals, the Backpack Program and our Stop Hunger initiatives, children unable to afford regular-priced meals will not go hungry with ready access to free and reduced-priced meals. Through our Sodexo Foundation, we have provided more than $22 million in grants to programs that address the issue of hunger in America.

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