Partnering with Sodexo enables our clients to focus on their core mission, education, as we focus on improving the Quality of Life of your students, staff and community by providing holistic well-being solutions.

Insights & Research

Quality of Life is an Essential Factor in Individual and Organizational Performance.

In order to fully maximize the learning environment, while meeting the needs for the students, staff and community, it is critical to have active engagement with them. To do this requires a deep understanding of social behaviors, behavioral economics and consumer insights. Given the size and resources a world class organization like Sodexo has, educational centers, think tanks and social scientists are teaming with us to leverage our vast network, data and research gathering skills, and subject matter experts working in the field for insight and advancement. For example, Cornell University’s Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs partnered with us to research how environmental cues impact food choice. The thrust of this research is to encourage students to make healthier food selections through the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement

To leverage, test and validate research and insights so we can support the development of customizable solutions for your community, we deploy both technical and human resources to survey students, parents, faculty and staff. We also help develop student advisory boards, wellness committees, employee councils, and community wellness fairs to support your entire community.

With clients in more than 80 countries, we have real-world examples and service settings that ensure your students are enjoying the very best our industry has to offer, such as: 

An Atmosphere That Invites Learning

For an educational environment to support learning, it must first be physically and emotionally comfortable. It must be attractive, safe and conducive to communication and learning. The right lighting, temperature and hygiene produces comfortable environments that enhance the lives and learning abilities of all students, as well as the focus and dedication of faculty and staff.

Nourishing Meals – Because the Student Body is at the Center of Education

The ultimate learning environment is within the student—their health, well-being and nutrition. Sodexo nourishes the body alongside the mind, ensuring health and energy are a part of every students’ school day. Academic excellence is strengthened in a mind nourished by meals that are fresh, healthy, tasty and customized to the diverse needs and desires of the student body.

Nutrition for Life – Meals that Taste Good and Are Good

Our goal is for your students to learn the skills to make their own healthy decisions. We provide an array of hands-on, inspirational and educational programs that encourage students to make smarter lifestyle and dietary decisions—for life!

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