Partnering with Sodexo enables our clients to focus on their core mission, education, as we focus on improving the Quality of Life of your students, staff and community by providing holistic well-being solutions.

Selecting a Partner for Managed Services

“Eliminate that what you do because you have to. Now focus on that which you do best.” – James Watt

The decision to partner with other organizations can be a challenging one - one that requires a good amount of time and research. Especially since the learning environment is such a critical element for the success of your faculty, staff, students, and community. At Sodexo we know that every school and situation is unique and that is why it’s vital to select a partner who understands your unique needs. 

Great partnerships don't just happen, they are created. However, they all share the same five crucial ingredients and when these elements combine, partnerships become effective in accomplishing a shared mission:

As the world’s 18th largest employer, Sodexo’s success is founded on supporting our clients’ mission and goals. We do what we do best so you can focus on what you do best. wherever people come together for service and community, Sodexo is there to provide facilities management, food and nutrition services, energy management, catering, security, capital project management and much, much more. 

With Sodexo as your partner:
  • Quality is infused at every level
  • Costs are consolidated and reduced
  • Cutting-edge technology, automation and best practices are continually advanced and deployed
  • World-class chefs and registered dietitians train and manage staff in best-practices and menu perfection
  • Your facilities, including energy management, maintenance, grounds and custodial services, will be further developed to enhance the learning environment
  • Balanced nutrition, health and wellness is supported by educational and marketing events
  • Local job creation becomes career creation with multiple pathways to advancement 
  • Community focus is expressed through local sourcing and engagement
  • Access to vast resources brings benefits of sourcing, skills and training far beyond a single entity’s reach
  • Compliance with local, state and federal regulations, policies and service level agreements is always ensured
In 2015 Sodexo was published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management.

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